Quality Control ManagerHudsonville, MI

JOB TITLE: Quality Control Manager
REPORTS TO: Operations Manager
DATE: January 20, 2017


Under general supervision by the Operations Manager, Responsibility for ensuring only appropriate quality plant material is shipped and delivered to Sawyer Nursery Customers. Performs other duties as necessary.


1. Ensure quality of product shipped.

a. Inspect and Monitor plant quality through the Pre-sort and traying process.

b. Make corrections and adjustments when necessary with Pre-sort crews.

c. Work with inventory manager on any repeat crew training or changes needed.

d. Assist Shipping Manager on training and direction with tag Line Leads and the last Quality check before the plants are racked for shipping.

2. Assist Inventory and sales with communications on quality questions and critical inventory

a. Review grades and quality with sales staff and inventory for understanding through weekly farm tours.

b. Contact sales with any questions for appropriate grades for their customer or acceptable size questions.

c. Relay information from sales on any special requirements or current quality issues.

3. Work with Inventory Manager to help provide training for Pre-sort and traying crews on quality.

a. Provide required quality information along with any special programs and requirements.

b. Assist with providing examples and explanations for required quality of Sawyer Customers.

4. Monitor quality daily as crops Pre-sorted and trayed for shipping

a. Walk locations daily to ensure correct quality is being selected.

b. Make corrections with crews if there are errors.

c. Communicate with Inventory Manager on Crews or staff that need additional training.

d. Recommend discipline if required.

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